Who We Are and What We Do

Sizwe Sechaba Holdings (Pty) Ltd is a proudly African organisation inspired by an entrepreneurial spirit and guided by the principle that Capitalism with a Conscience works better.

As a group of companies operating in the mining, construction, energy, ICT and training and the supply chain management sectors, our business is about empowering people, building sustainable relationships, delivering quality to clients and realising consistent returns on investment for our shareholders.

We translate vision into solutions by providing private and public organisations with a range of services, from master planning and capital programming, to implementation of entire or portional projects and delivering creative solutions tailored to meet objectives and unique challenges.

Bringing Your Ideas to Life

We bridge the gap between strategy and facilitation by guiding a project through the planning process with effective and relevant traditionally strategic facilitation solutions.

Our recommended approach includes an assessment of strategies, vision and operations in relationship to current trends and technology.

This information is then incorporated into a comprehensive plan tailored to achieve the desired outcomes.

We pride ourselves on our close client working relationships and successful business ventures by upholding a consistently great performance record.

Based in South Africa, with operations soon extending to countries throughout the SADC region, Sizwe Sechaba Holdings is essentially an investment organisation with the flexibility and eligibility to react quickly to opportunities in the mining, construction, energy, steel and engineering, supply chain management and ITC training industries.

Our Corporate Insight

Balance – involves a spirit of entrepreneurship innovation responsible management and clear communication underpinned by values of transparency accountability and integrity in all our business dealings.


Our Corporate Objectives

  • Address socio-economic imbalances.
  • Contribute to meaningful transformation.
  • Align business objectives with government programmes.
  • Promote employee participation in social projects.
  • Empower previously disadvantaged communities to become self-sufficient.

Our Corporate Promises

  • To constantly innovate new and effective services that add value.
    To focus on unlocking value by making effective use of the group’s assets and expertise.
  • To encourage innovation and embrace technology in every thing we do.
  • To act as responsible caretakers of the land, utilising resources effectively and effciently.

Corporate social investment strategy

People are important to us – clients, employees and communities! People are our strength!

To achieve our full potential and deliver a premium, quality service, we work closely with our staff, suppliers, service providers and communities.

Upgrading skills forms an integral part of our human resources philosophy.

We are committed to training and development at all levels, investing time and money to improve the basic and multi-skills of our employees. These expectations are achieved through continued improvement of skills, technology, quality and many years of experience.

We consider the impact we have on communities and the environment, and by adopting a community based approach to our business, we are able to provide opportunities that have a positive impact on the lives of the people affected by our operations.


Investing in human capital

By applying detailed skills and needs assessments, and working closely with community leaders and government, we build efficient project ethics with maximum community involvement, employing and upgrading the skills of the local people in areas where our projects are active.

We embrace opportunities that allow us to divide large contracts into smaller sub-contracts that local community members can deliver on, thereby adding value to the community and building support for the involved project.

Joint ventures with communities and municipalities ensures that they benefit from their involvement, and this vested interest lowers overall risk and ultimately saves money – win, win for all!


We Work on Projects of All Sizes

We embrace opportunities that allow us to divide large contracts into smaller ones within the various industries that we serve.  We are able to oversee the implementation of entire or portional projects as well as deliver creative solutions tailored to meet objectives and unique challenges.

Since 2016

Sizewe Sechaba has been operating in the Mining, Construction, Steel & Engineering, Supply Chain Management and ICT & Training sectors since 2016 and recently added the Energy industry to its portfolio.