General Building Technologies

Sizwe Sechaba Construction has placed its mark on the construction industry, offering turnkey solutions with multidisciplinary packages incorporating the building, civil and professional industries.

General Building Solutions

Sizwe Sechaba employs principles of green building and sustainability to design and construct buildings which may reduce the operating and maintenance cost of housing and buildings thereby making them more sustainable.

General Buildings

Sizwe Sechaba Construction has a CIDB Grading of 8GBPE & 7CEPE which reflects the experience the company enjoys in the construction and civil engineering sectors. We are firm advocates for government initiatives for transformation and upliftment of local and rural communities.

As a 100% Black Empowerment Company, we pride ourselves in working with emerging EME’s, QSE’s and SMME’s dedicated to providing quality project completion.

Our Capability!

Sizwe Sechaba Construction has extensive experience in the development and implementation of local community construction projects, including electrical and specialised work requirements.

We are self sufficient and wholly independent regarding plants, tools and construction equipment, ensuring uninterrupted work flow.

Applied categories include both private and public sector projects; schools, housing, hospitals and public buildings; civil engineering; structural, mechanical and infrastructure.

Additionally, we offer maintenance and refurbishment services to existing buildings as well as turnkey new projects.