Alternative Building Technologies

Sizwe Sechaba Construction is able to offer alternative building technologies (ABT) that incorporates more economically effective and environmentally friendly building materials and construction methods.

Alternative Building Solutions

Sizwe Sechaba employs principles of green building and sustainability to design and construct buildings which may reduce the operating and maintenance cost of housing and buildings thereby making them more sustainable.

Modular Buildings

Sizwe Sechaba Modular Buildings is more than just a construction business – it’s a faster, smarter way to build! Because it accelerates the building process, it reduces costs. Well built modular buildings have the same longevity as their site built counterparts and also increase in value over time.

Modular buildings are less expensive per square metre than site built constructions and are becoming increasingly popular for the construction of homes, clinics, schools, factories, warehouses, offices, site accommodation and other applications.

All buildings can be custom designed to specific requirements. We have a wide variety of rental options in order to provide a complete site solution.

With over 20 years’ experience in the manufacturing, supply and erection of modular buildings, our success is founded in our superior service, proven technology, quality of design, vast manufacturing resources, industry know-how and a reputation to deliver quality, reliably and on time.

What sets up apart?

SPEED – Our products are delivered timeously and erected efficiently
QUALITY – Our quality is uncompromising
COST – Our products are cost effective

Modular Buildings are easily distinguished from traditional buildings in that they are comprised of ‘modules’ which are constructed in a factory to exact design assembled. Building inspectors ensure that all structures meet the necessary regulatory, safety and assembly requirements.

A unique construction technique that has been developed to withstand the most stringent tests for stability and durability is used for our Modular Buildings. The skeleton of the building is a precision made rigid structure which does not rely on the wall cladding for support. The uniquely designed roof frame acts as a support for the ceiling and when bolted together becomes a rigid unit that adds strength to the structure.

Our goal is to provide a cost effective, structurally sound alternative to costly traditional building practice.